Kasper, backend developer with Cubits team

Meet the Cubits team: Kasper, Backend Developer

What is Cubits behind the curtains like?
We have previously introduced to you some of our Cubits team members. As it always happens with companies like ours, there have been some changes, and new great people have joined us recently. So, please, meet our new colleagues.

Kasper, Backend Developer with Cubits team

Please introduce yourself

I’m Kasper, a 24-year-old software developer from Copenhagen who moved to Berlin a year ago.

What are your responsibilities at Cubits?

At Cubits, I’m responsible for backend development. It includes everything behind the scenes, like integrations, test-systems. I’ll be also making sure that the transaction and account system is robust and follows the bitcoin and transactional standards.

How did you join Cubits?

I kinda randomly saw a job posting on LinkedIn… A very standard recruiting procedure :)

What is your Bitcoin story?

I’ve been interested in Bitcoin since around 2011, when I was studying at the university. I didn’t buy into it until summer 2013. That was when I got my first Bitcoin and joined the world in watching with awe its price exploding. Since then, my interest has been on and off, I’ve been following the protocol loosely.

What are the 3 things that you last bought with Bitcoin?

Most recently, I bought E-magazines, games from Humble Bundle, and chips in online casinos :)

What do you like the most about living and working in Berlin?

It’s such an inclusive city. No matter how you prefer to spend your evenings or what type of parties you like, Berlin always has something for you. At the same time, Berlin is not that big, which makes it easy to get around.

So this was Kasper and a glimpse of his story. Next week, we will introduce you to one more colleague of ours. Be sure to stay tuned for upcoming Cubits team stories.

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