Get to know Cubits: Omar – Head of Software Integration

1) What is your position at Cubits and what are your main responsibilities?

I’m Head of Software Integration and I touch various areas of the business. I develop both front and Back-End functionality, as well as developing third party shopping cart plugins. I’m the technical contact for our merchant customers that require assistance and/or guidance when integrating our payment processing solution with their online store/platform. I also assist our team in exhibitions and show fairs acting as a public relations / client acquisitions and business developer.

2) What was the first thing you bought with Bitcoin? 

VPN Service, very fast transaction in less than 15 seconds i was able to stream my favourite spanish shows with no restriction to geographical location.

3) What was the last project you worked on?

I will mention one from each area I’m involved in: Developed our own support ticketing system, assisted one of our casino clients to integrate our solution, worked on publishing our core php library and shopping cart plugins to Github.

4) How do you hope to one day use Bitcoin?

For official duties as paying fines, taxes and other more regular transactions as paying for groceries in supermarkets and other mainstream retail outlets.