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Meet the Cubits Team: Anna, Designer at Cubits

Anna is a freelance designer at Cubits. I managed to meet with her during the lunchtime in the Mitte where we found a comfortable lawn and talked a bit. Apart from design, illustration, and Bitcoin, Anna is very much into yoga and also cooking (I heard her cooking was really good!). Below is Anna’s story on how she became a Bitcoin user and a member of the Cubits team.

What are you doing at Cubits?

— I’m a web designer at Cubits. Most of the time, I’m making illustrations, and that’s what I enjoy doing so much. Cubits’ design appeals to me, in terms of colors and style, which makes it all very engaging for me.

— My first piece of work here was to make a redesign of some page on the website. It was a small task, just to see if I fit. It was back in fall 2015; I was still in Ukraine mastering my design skills. As I always liked working with visuals, I thought it would be great to do something for a Bitcoin company.

How did you learn about Bitcoin?

— First time I heard about Bitcoin from my geek friend. I learned that it has a value and can be mined, and it is not controlled by anybody or anything, and one could use it to buy drugs… Very confusing. I didn’t understand much about it then.

— Then, I found a job with the Marketing and PR department of one Bitcoin company. …As a matter of fact, I studied PR and advertising… So I worked with them for some time. That was when I learned all about Bitcoin.

— Now I know that it is not that simple to find a decent professional who is also knowledgeable in Bitcoin and crypto. I think that’s some kind of fate that I started working as a designer for Cubits.

What aspect of Bitcoin fascinates you the most?

— The technology. Blockchain.

— When you first learn about Bitcoin, you understand it more as a currency. But as you dive deeper into the topic, you find out about Blockchain and all its possibilities. There are a lot of ideas built on the top of Blockchain, which are not related to money at all. Nevertheless, they are valuable. Because they benefit people.

Do you use Bitcoin as currency?

— My husband and I use Bitcoin regularly. Well, it’s more him than me, but still. We buy airline tickets with Bitcoin. We use it to send money to our parents. Well, through our friends. Parents don’t use Bitcoin themselves, just show casual interest in it.

— Still, I don’t really use Bitcoin personally. I will surely do when more merchants start accepting it. I’d like to be able to go to the market to buy tomatoes with Bitcoin one day.

Anna, what’s your Berlin story?

— I visited Berlin for the first time last spring, in May. So, it’s been a year since I started my relationship with the city. I spent the whole summer here and got used to it.

— I moved here in January with my husband. The transition period was smooth — I had a place to live and someone waiting for me here.

How do you like living here?

— I feel much more freedom in Berlin than back home. It often feels like no one cares about you here, but nobody ever judges you as well. And you start doing the same. There are so many different people here, and that’s just the way it is.

— I also love the fact that there are really a lot of young well-educated and smart people in Berlin. There are so many different meetups here everyday, so many opportunities to learn something you are interested in. You can even attend blockchain-themed meetups several times a week if you want to. It feels like it’s cool to be smart in Berlin. I love this idea a lot.

What are your favorite places in Berlin?

— I like that abandoned listening station on Teufelsberg. Urban artists have done a great job there. The station is surrounded with the Grunewald forest that is also amazing.

— Still, my most favorite spot in Berlin is this lawn, Lustgarten, between the awesome buildings of Berliner Dom and the Altes Museum. I love it there even despite the number of tourists.

That was Anna, our designer. Check out more Cubits Team stories here and wait for more to come.

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