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Get to Know Us: Secret Santa Shopping with Bitcoin

’Tis the season to spend money on family and friends. At Cubits, we decided to play Secret Santa for our fellow co-workers to celebrate the holidays. Secret Santa involves puling a name from a hat and buying a gift for the person whose name you pulled. But we chose to add a little twist– all gifts had to be purchased using Bitcoin.

Everyone discovered creative ways to purchase their gifts using Bitcoin. From the practical to the thoughtful, read on to see the creative ways Cubits’ employees went holiday gift shopping with Bitcoin.

Secret Santa: Sean, Product & UX Designer


Sean takes care of mobile and desktop concept creation including interface design and some HTML/CSS front-end coding. But despite the technical nature of his job, he decided to get literary for his Secret Santa role. After purchasing a gift card from, he spent it on Haruki Murakmi’s “Kafka on the Shore” from for Joyce, Branding & Strategy Manager, because she’d mentioned that Murakami is one of her favorite authors.

Secret Santa: Omar, Head of Software Integration

Omar spends his time at Cubits developing third-party solutions for our merchant clients to easily be able to integrate our platform with their existing shopping cart software. To help continue spread the word about digital currency, he purchased a bitcoin t-shirt from for Alex, Systems Administrator. “What’s not to love about a Bitcoin shirt? It’s a great way to show support,” he said.

Secret Santa: Joyce, Branding & Strategy Manager


Joyce wears many hats at Cubits from branding to marketing to product design to talent acquisition. She’s creates the visuals and logos that are seen on our landing page and interface and makes sure that anything Cubits related is aesthetically consistent. Given her visual inclinations, she used to buy a Kindle cover for Bene, our CFO, because she saw his Kindle lying coverless on his desk. “I like presents people can actually utilize rather than ones that gets stored away and forgotten,” she said.

Secret Santa: Andreas, CTO


As one of our co-founders, Andreas makes sure all of our product development, operations, technical infrastructure, and maintenance is good to go. Diverging from overseeing, he used to purchase a keg of beer from for Sergey, Back-End Developer. “I thought it would be fun and something he would actually use and enjoy,” he said.

Secret Santa: Charlotte, Marketing & Strategy Manager

Charlotte is in charge of everything from online to offline marketing activities and works closely with our design team. So it’s no surprise that she purchased something useful for Oskar, Head of Risk Management, from, a portable smartphone charger. “Everyone knows the pain of running out of battery. I always wanted a portable charger for myself, but now it goes to someone else because it’s Christmas!” she said.

Our Secret Santas purchased all kinds of gifts using Bitcoin, and you can too! So the next time you’re shopping for the holidays, your girlfriend’s birthday, or just looking to treat yourself, futurize your wallet and shop with Bitcoin.