Skrill withdrawals: New option to sell Bitcoin

Skrill withdrawals are finally here!

Recently, we have added Skrill to our payment methods to buy Bitcoin. Today, we are happy to announce Skrill withdrawals for Cubits users who sell their BTC. How does it work? Read below or go straight to your Cubits account.

The perks of Skrill withdrawals

We are always eager to add new payment and withdrawal options. This way, we make it easier for our users to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Until recently, you could cash out at Cubits only with a bank transfer, which took some time. Now, you can withdraw your money from selling BTC directly to the Skrill Wallet.
So, what are the benefits of Skrill withdrawals?

– Instant withdrawals
The money you transfer to your Skrill Wallet appear on your account immediately. You don’t need to wait a couple of business days.

– No need to verify your ID
You can cash out to Skrill without ID verification. Still, the name on your Cubits account should match the name on your Skrill account. You can still verify your ID if you want to lift your daily and monthly withdrawal limits.

– Only 1% fee
With Swift withdrawals, you pay 8 EUR of fees, and with SEPA, you pay 1.30 EUR. For Skrill withdrawals, it’s 1%. Now you can select which way to cash out is the most beneficial for you.

– Anywhere in the world
You don’t need to be from the EU or from one of the IDnow-supported countries to withdraw your money to Skrill. All you need is to have a Skrill account.

! Please note that we don’t offer services to the US residents at the moment.

How to sell Bitcoin to your Skrill Wallet

It’s really fast and simple. If you have a Skrill account, you can choose it as a cashout method. To sell Bitcoin using Skrill, just follow the steps:

1. Log into your Cubits account and go to the SELL BITCOIN tab.
2. Enter the BTC amount that you want to sell.
3. Choose Skrill from the list of ways to cash out.
4. Please check the following:
— Bitcoin sell amount,
— the amount of fiat money you are receiving,
— and the fees included in the payment (1%).
5. Click “Confirm”.
If you are using your Skrill account for the first time with Cubits, you’ll need to link it. Just enter your email address associated with your Skrill account.

See the screenshot below:

Skrill withdrawals: How to

Skrill withdrawal: a screenshot

! Please note that the name on your Skrill account should match the name on your Cubits account.

Cubits is happy to have you on board! We are working to make your experience with us more comfortable. Log into your Cubits account or sign up with Cubits and try it out!

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